Body of Construction

Why do we always hide the joints and glue in construction? What kind of possibilities appears when we reveal the hidden?

I have questioned seam as something what is disregarded, usually hidden away or not acknowledged. In my work discarded product of the overflowed glue gained a voice and representation. By revealing the joints I got the possibility to shape form freely so as to subdue it to the body, not the other way around. The object’s look depends on the position of the body and weight distribution.

Body of Construction is a collection of furniture for sitting, its shape freely subdued to the specific posture and body weight and hight.

By liberating joints from their borders and allowing glue to overflow I came up with an open structure possibility and a strong identity for the pieces. The glue does more than bind alone; it also flows, creating unsuspected and highly expressive joints and surfaces. I trassformed glue into the defining, identifying characteristic of the object.

I released both the construction and the body from the normal typology of seating.

Body of Construction
allows for the new by restoring what is unwanted.

Objects are made out of metal wire and hot glue.