Wool Carpathians. Material.

Wool Design. Carpathians is a project initiatedby the Cieszyn Castle, a Silesian Cultural Institution. It is an attempt to establish a dialogue with this long and abundant tradition.
The project attempts to protect and engage professions connected with wool production in the region within the collaboration with designers.

The Carpathian’s have a rich tradition of processing and producing wool. For centuries shepherding was the basis for local culture and shaped both the material and spiritual culture
of the region.

Today wool is becoming yet another instance of forgotten heritage, often discarded as a useless by-product. Shepherding culture is slowly fading away,

Wool Carpathians. Material.

One of the outcomes of the research was the material I have developed in cooperation with the Department of Wood Processing at the Warsaw
University of Life Sciences (SGGW).

I have been working with the material which is not holding norms due to the history of sheep breeding during the comunist period of the history of the Estern Blok. The wool is usually discarted and burn as it is bearly used by industry or craftsmenship.

For prosessing the non-standardized material I looked for the processes which could still use the properties of wool and use its imperfections as an advantage, not the flaw.

Basic characteristics of the materials I have developed are its flexibility, the ability to be cut and stitched as well as ligh transmission. Naturally occurring defects of this technique together form a unique pattern I added other ingredients to some samples of the material, such as goat hair, glitter or fenugreek, which demonstrates that the material can be varie through additions. It is possible to play with the thickness of the material. The material can also be given different structures. Additionally woo possesses the quality of absorbing sound.