Baranów 2027

Over four months, using design research methodologies, I explored loss and belonging and how it's both captured and manifested in a landscape.

The project also aims to stimulate democratic participation and renew relationships to the places we inhabit, but too often take for granted.

The project, “Baranów 2027”, became a comment on the design itself rather than a solution-seeking assessment. It is about the role of the designer in a community faced with eviction. What can design offer a community that for the last five years has been suspended in limbo due the proposed development of a new mega-airport? What can design do to improve the situation of these people? Very little, it turns out. Each design proposal, when consulted with a local community leader, was rejected. The reasons were many, but at the core was a rejection of trying to give form to, or proposing a solution to a problem that is out of the hands of both designer and residents. This, we believe, reflects the wider trend of design to try and solve huge, complex problems like the climate catastrophe. We need these moments of doubt to stop and assess what is feasible and who we need to work with before we try and “fix” it.

Project was awarded with the Starting Grant from Creative Industries Fund NL.

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