To visit Morocco is to be swimming in colour.

Project Media is an attempt to capture the landscape of the city through its structure and colours.

It is the materal and technique reserch into the leather leftovers from local craft which besides the technical aspects od making explores the translation of the city into the phisical object,

My trip to Maroco inspired me to design a pattern system and as a result, tapestries that evoke both the building process of the medinas but also the colours of two specific places: Fes and Marrakesh. In the end, I have combined colours, textures,
and layering to remind of the cities’ traditional atmospheres through the evocative potential of

In the medina, everything seems to be glued together. Buildings were meeting shop carts and roofs were climbing on top of each other composing in this way the pattern of the city with its own rules and relationships. By using the random shapes of the leather scraps and incorporation of this imperfection into the pattern system, I have came to the seemingly regular but still singular efect, where there are no repetitions.

Medina is also the technique I have developed with usage of leather leftovers.