Seamless Stability

Peace means stability and stillness. It is also a construct.
Peace is under constant tension.

Tower Vases are exploring the notion of the Peace. As the answer to the given question, I experimented with fragile construction as high as possible. I wanted to build something brittle and in the constant tension. I have used ceramics as a breakable material and overflowing connection between pieces to exaggerate the feeling of insecurity. Composition of vases was even further pushing the notion of instability and fragility, by leaning the whole installation towards the wall and some of the elements on each other.

For the joinings of the ceramic pieces I have used he material I have developed previously. It is based on shellac which is a thermoplastic material which enabled me to capture visual liquidity and overflawing joints which seem as they are sti running.

The highest element of the installation is 175 cm.