Sallandse is the material and technique reserch which focuses on translating feeling of the forest into the objects. 

I have developed candle holders which in minimalistic form are bringing trees to the table, with delicate light breaking through the thin walls of the vessels, showing the imperfect structure which reflects the way it was being made.

When you are hiking in the forest you can get lost not only on the map. You can give oneself to the experience, when all the stimuli are so different from the city landscape we are used to. As I was living in one of the nationals parks of the Netherlands I discovered how calming and reassuring closeness to the nature was making me, and the feeling, at least in some small extent, I wanted to translate to the object. So I can hold to a memory also at home.

As I have been asked to make candle holders to the restaurant in the middle of the forest, I have started with the research of materials, colours, structures to get the grip of what it might be. The porcelain came along, as the Michelin Star brings certain frame of a good quality and elegance.

With the experiments I have started developing the new technique of using porcelain to obtain a special, very textural effect which all of the sudden started remaining the bark of the tree and fern leaves. With adopted tools and experiments through making I have developed a process which brings forest to home, with the translucent effects as the light is coming through the leaves and grasses of the undergrow.